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Rock Abruham & Blu share energetic new single "Go Dumb"

“Go Dumb” is the latest single from talented rapper and producer Rock Abruham and underground hip-hop heavyweight Blu.

Rock Abruham was born in Germany to a musical family, and grew up in Washington DC. He is a well rounded musician who raps in a clever, comedic style as well as making groovy, jazzy instrumentals. On his new song “Go Dumb”, he raps alongside legendary Los Angeles rapper Blu. Blu has been a mainstay in underground hip-hop for over a decade, initially breaking onto the scene with the highly regarded album Below the Heavens. He has since released a number of excellent albums and expanded his skills into beat making.

“Go Dumb” is a raucous, lively cut. Powerful, energetic horn blasts ring out over bouncy drums. An infectious bass groove loops underneath, complementing the fast-paced drum pattern. The production on “Go Dumb” is warm, gritty, and textured. Rock Abruham and Blu’s vocals sound sharp and focused throughout the song, with dynamic flows that capture the vigorous energy of the instrumental.

Overall, “Go Dumb” is an exuberant, engaging song from Rock Abruham and Blu. The song excites and invigorates with infectious grooves and rapid-fire flows. Both rappers sound poised and focused and keep the listener on their toes throughout the song. One can only look forward to more from this duo in 2021.

Connect with Rock Abruham: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with Blu: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop


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