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Adeline shines on "Whisper My Name" COLORS SESSION

With so many avenues to discover new music these days, it can be difficult to sift through all the content out there. That’s why outlets like COLORXSTUDIOS, that showcase young and consistently impressive artists, are so valuable to the culture. One such up-and-coming artist is the NYC-based singer, songwriter, and bassist Adeline, whose recent COLORS SESSION for her track “Whisper My Name” is an absolute joy, and one that signals a massively bright future.

Anyone who has tried learning a musical instrument may gristle when watching someone else excel at two, but in the case of Adeline, one can’t help but sit back in appreciative wonder of her performance on “Whisper My Name.” Her wispy, soulful vocal style is transfixing as she works through tales of romance, and all the while, her rock solid bass playing contributes to a deep, inescapable groove that keeps the track churning forward. Multitasking mastery aside, the song is incredibly catchy, with buoyant melodies and tasteful arranging elements like her subtle bass fills that will tickle any devotees of the low end. “Whisper My Name” shows Adeline’s vast musical talents as well as a mature approach to writing and arranging, all of which are elements of an artist with limitless potential.

"Whisper My Name" is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Adeline: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website | Spotify

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