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Poolside and DRAMA releases groovy new daytime disco colllab "I Feel High"

Starting off 2021 on a high note, Poolside partners with dance duo DRAMA, aka singer Via Rose and producer Na'el Shehade, on a new track, "I Feel High."

The original solo version debuted on Poolside’s Low Season in early 2020, featuring the familiar laidback chillwave sound and minimal vocals we expect from Poolside. A great track in itself but the new collaboration with DRAMA takes it to another level. “I Feel High” is revamped into a groovier, punchier dance track.  Released on Poolside's own label Pacific Standard Records, this track kicks off 2021 in the right direction.

Poolside and Shehade are next level brilliant together with Poolside's daytime disco synths colliding with Shehade's hypnotic dance-pop beats. The two complement each other in perfect balance, creating an ethereal dance track you can't help but move to. Adding in Via Rosa’s soulful vocals creates depth and texture, that the original track lacked. She takes us on a euphoric journey, leading us down a path of reminiscing the feeling of being young and living without consequences.

Poolside’s Jeffrey Paradise says of the collaboration, “DRAMA transformed the song from a classic laid back Poolside vibe into a banger for the club that is essentially a celebration of this ecstatic and sometimes reckless thing we call life.” 

In speaking about the theme of the song, DRAMA says, “It’s all about that invincible feeling you get when you’re young, and out with your friends. In the moment you have this undeniable sureness that no matter what ‘this is not how I die’.” DRAMA continues, “And in that you fuel each other you become fearless and confident. When I was younger me and my friends would sneak back into the house after a night of partying, the first thing we’d ask each other before going inside is ‘do I look high?’ And although I really felt the need to incorporate that into the song for ‘personal nostalgia’ I think everyone has experienced that reality.” 

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Connect with DRAMA: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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