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Danny Goo exemplifies a post-pop sound on “Feel for You”

Danny Goo recently shared his track “Feel for You” off his EP of the same name. The burgeoning Dallas, Texas artist functions in the realm of what could be easily deemed as post-pop; a soothing blend of alternative, R&B-tinged, and modern day emo inflections.

On “Feel for You,” Goo leads his EP with his most self-reflecting tune. It’s a track touching upon the feelings of acceptance, vulnerability, and self-worth associated with falling in love. Goo’s vocals recall nostalgia and longing, begging for an escape from the drudgery of everyday life. With “Feel for You,” there’s solace to experience despite the track walking on a tightrope of an anxiety-riddled existence. However, Goo’s appealing vocals paired with impassioned lyricism embodies the warmth and comfort of a heavy blanket in the middle of winter.

Over email, Danny Goo goes a bit deeper on his track and debut EP by sharing, “‘Feel for You’ is about the first time I fell in love. I really had to be vulnerable and honest with myself while writing the EP. I wrote about the ups and downs and everything in between that we went through. This is the first time I felt this way so I really wanted to write how I felt because these were a lot of strong emotions that I've never felt before. When I explained everything to my producer JoJo Centineo we just clicked, and we wrote the first song 'Feel For You' and our writing process just took off from there. It took us about 2 years to finalize the EP and I'm just happy that it's finally here for the world to hear. Although it might just seem like a bunch of breakup songs these songs are part of my journey in life and I wanted to share that with everyone.”

“Feel for You,” while not a proper single, is lifted off an EP that included previously released 2020 singles “Bad Company,” “Better Off,” “So In Love feat. Lil Lotus,” “Repeat It,” and “Blue.” Goo’s penchant for pop-punk and confessional balladry of R&B were clearly demonstrated on standalone singles “Still Dreaming” and “Falling” released earlier in the year.

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Alt-Pop · Alternative R&B · Indie


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