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RNBWS joins RFR Records with three murky electro cuts

Russia’s RNBWS has joined the RFR Records roster to release his latest EP, Radical Decisions. Keeping things short and sweet with three tracks, this is murky, raw electro at its finest. With artists like RNBWS and Locked Club setting the bar, Russia looks like it could be the new electro-hotspot; if this EP’s anything to go by, the trip would be well worth it.

Opening track “Don’t Care” eases us into things with bouncy breaks, choppy vocals, and an ominous undertone. Droning synths give the track a dystopian edge, setting the tone for things to take a darker turn. “Linear Plots” is an acid-drenched chugger. Keeping things strictly electro with an abundance of breaks and modulated melodies, the acid bassline marks this one as a firm standout. One you can’t help but move your body to, “Linear Plots” serves as a prime example that funk is where it’s at; who said dance music needs to be speedy?!

Title track, “Radical Decisions,” draws things to a close — in fine style, might I add. The pressure builds to boiling point, before breaking down into noise, breaks, and all-round mayhem. It’s dark, shadowy, and a total banger. Keep your eye on RNBWS, because if there's more where this came from, we're here for all of it. 

Radical Decisions can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with RNBWS: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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