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Lisa Remar's "Fell Into" is a lesson in self acceptance

NYC native Lisa Remar returns with the silky and empowering soul-pop tune "Fell Into." The half Japanese singer-songwriter has spent her young years traveling the world and takes influence from various backgrounds and unique experiences. Her latest single takes influence from the production style of Boom Bap, a unique sound that was prominent in East coast hip-hop in the 80s and 90s which highlights the acoustic bass drum and snare. Vocally though, "Fell Into" is more reminiscent of early Sade with smooth harmonies which glide effortlessly over electro dream pop soundscapes.

Thematically, "Fell Into" is about exploration of one's self most notably in embracing one's own sexuality. Remar confides, "I consider myself bi. I was going to meet up with this girl I had been talking to through Instagram, but dating was intimidating for me. I’d been hurt and didn’t know how to carry myself. I should’ve just been myself. I was so afraid, but it was exhilarating." Remar is a masterful storyteller, leering in the listener with moody lush songs that often detail yearning and the trials that come with coming of age.

"Fell Into" is the third single released this year following the cinematic "Halfway to Nowhere" and the downbeat alt pop banger "Ride." All three tracks are off of Lisa Remar's upcoming eight track collection of songs entitled Still Good. With more music promised, we can't wait to hear what's next from this prolific songwriter.

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