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The Brummies unveil their captivating live video for “Fever Dream”

Tennessee-based band The Brummies live video for “Fever Dream” is a release of gripping indie rock radiance. The sweltering single is a track detailing a burning desire. With piercing piano and soulful vocals, their unwavering intensity passionately pours through. Singing, “alone in your room, I can feel the tension building, it’s déjà vu, only a familiar feeling” you sense a lustful, longing erupting to the surface. The visual’s reddish glow and twinkling lights only enhance the feeling of deep fervency.

The southern indie outfit is known for fusing their contemporary rock sound with old school disco flair. John Davidson, Jacob Bryant, and Trevor Davis together have crafted a timeless musical style with dreamy decadence and eclectic instrumentation. Davidson explains about the song, “The musically ambitious second verse was the first thing we tackled in pre-production for the album. And some of the transitions on this song are unconventional. For example, at the end of the bridge, we used the clicking of a wrench, the zip of a zipper, and a pitched down ‘oh’ vocal simultaneously to create the desired effect.” Check out the enthralling live video now.

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