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Get lost in Milla Thyme's deep grooves on "3 Dimensions"

Even though the weather is getting colder for those of us in the northern hemisphere, tracks like Milla Thyme’s latest “3 Dimensions” will keep bringing the heat all winter long. The single with an unstoppable groove is the second offering from the Montreal artist’s forthcoming album Everything Has Its Thyme, which is due out in April 2021 via URBNET. Armed with rhythmic vocal delivery, an irresistible beat, and a playful video for extra measure, “3 Dimensions” shows that Milla Thyme is a formidable musical force capable of delivering some serious vibes.

Thyme makes listeners exercise patience in the song’s introduction, with just a hint at the full production with a fuzzy four-on-the-floor pulse that cedes the spotlight to his stylish verse describing upbeat summer moods. He sets the tone with the words, “Traffic lights in my rearview, head out gazing / summer breeze in the trees feelin’ so amazing / the neighborhood’s got a certain flavor / baby open your senses up so you can savor.” At the conclusion of this verse, though, is where the track elevates to another level with the unleashing of the full beat with throbbing bass lines and intricate guitar melodies strewn in. While listeners may get enveloped in the song’s energetic musical vibe, Thyme continues delivering lyrical wisdom about life in the city. With his impressive vocal delivery and absolutely absorbing production style, “3 Dimensions” is sure to make listeners excited for Thyme’s upcoming LP.

"3 Dimensions" is available to stream or download here.

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