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Edwin Raphael keeps his head above water in “Sea of Things”

Edwin Raphael has been turning heads with his chill pop-folk sound since 2015 . Today, the singer-songwritershares his new single “Sea Of Things.” Like this new track and his previous single, “Mild Sanity (feat. Juletta),” his upcoming EP looks at how the world deals with and experiences anxiety differently.

As Raphael describes, lyrically, the song “reflects a spectrum of human indulgence, be that with love, life’s anxieties and addictions.” However, like most of his other work, the production steers away from the heavier subject matter and into serene acoustic folk-pop. With a looped guitar and his sweeping, yet tiresome vocals, he gives listeners the feeling like they’re being rocked by the waves of the ocean. It’s crazy how intense Raphael can make a track with such simple instrumentation.

Dive into the beauty that is “Sea of Things.” Catch his EP Staring at Ceilings when it comes out February 26, 2021.

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Folk Rock · Indie · Pop


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