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Alex Falk sends listeners loopy with latest EP

Alex Falk has returned to International Black  to release a new five-track EP. A darker, more club-focused sister label to Rhythm Section, Falk’s EP is their only release of the year — so you know it’s going to be quality stuff.

Consisting of five loopy, hypnotic rollers, Falk lays down a signature sound throughout that sets him apart from the rest. Opening track “Bronze” is a moody, atmospheric banger that sets the mood for the entirety of the EP. Electronic splatters and crackling basslines give the track a distinct edge, and stands to prove that repetitive techno still remains interesting. The sound grows darker in “Needs,” which sees Falk experimenting with manipulations of his own voice — something which is consistent throughout the EP. “Needs” is gritty, bassy, and utilises the heavily distorted vocals to keep Falk’s signature loopy sound; the result being a mind-bending journey through modern techno.

Tried and tested at the forest parties Falk used to throw with the TEKNOX crew members Nikki Nair, Dialectic Sines and Saint Thomas Ledoux, these bangers are guaranteed to keep you going until the raves make a comeback. “City Scan” marks the last of the driving, robust sound, before things take a more chilled, psychedelic twist. Again using warped vocals for an eerie payoff, this chugger will have you dancing for hours.

If you’re looking for something on the cosmic side of things, look no further than “Blue Jellies”. Those signature loops get a stripped-back makeover; partnered with bubbling melodies and shimmery pads, it was made for a deep listening session. “Fuchsia” leans more towards the gentle sound of “Blue Jellies,” though the vocals do make a comeback for this one. Layered over a hip-shaking bassline and subtle synths, "Fuchsia" feels reminiscent of late night car journeys with the nearest and dearest. Funky, fresh, and borderline mind-altering, Falk's sound lies somewhere between classic Berlin and Detroit techno, with futuristic elements meaning you won’t forget his sound in a hurry. Techno doesn't need to be fast and furious, and Falk's got it down to a tee.

INTLBLK008 can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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