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ViVii’s “Fool Alone” is a mesmerizing memento of youthful love

A Swedish trio with a unique brand of pensive dream-pop, ViVii's gleaming new single is “Fool Alone”.  Narrating the power of young romance and its intoxicating high, this charming track’s dreamy melodies and delicate vocals lift listeners to a place of pure majestic poignancy. Their raw and rustic accompanying live video bursts with so much intensity you cannot help but be utterly riveted. From the comfy clothes and warm glowing candles, the video seamlessly pairs with the song’s soothing vibes.

ViVii are an outfit known for creating wistful music that challenges the mundane realisms of life. Singers and multi-instrumentalists Emil and Caroline Jonsson, and multi-instrumentalist/ the band’s producer Anders Eckeborn, together have created something special. Concocting the ideal world through stunning serenades, there is definitely a rare radiance flickering within their sound.  The group’s connection and candidness can be felt so deeply as the three go far back. Caroline and Emil have a passionate partnership and the two have a longstanding friendship with Eckeborn. In “Fool Alone” you can certainly sense that solid bond.

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