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Jak Bannon peacefully drifts "Homebound" with new single

After debuting his first single “THE TRADE” earlier in the year, Jak Bannon is proving to be one to watch in his shift from visual artist to musician. Often associated with Diddy, Dr. Dre, Gibson Hazard, and Aidan Cullen for his visual work, Jak Bannon’s musical collaborations so far include quickly, quickly and Mr. Carmack. The tracks shared have shown off a mature and pensive style, with simple yet impactful arrangements. Continuing to please, Jak Bannon’s latest single sees him teaming up again with Mr. Carmack for a new track called “Homebound.”

Jak Bannon’s voice is the perfect tone for the melancholy and nostalgia surrounding “Homebound.” The simplicity in both the lyrics and hazy melodies lends additional sentiment to the track’s innate comfort and warmth. As it plays out, “Homebound” gently builds with heady beats and production until it peacefully closes out. Along with the track, Jak Bannon of course gives a video to match. It’s simple like the song, but reflects the texture and mood of the music. “Homebound” is out now and follow along with Jak Bannon to catch his next move.

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