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Vinok’s new single “Elephant Girl” is a beautiful combustion of social justice

Ukraine-based indie-rock band Vinok shed light on the topic of disability rights in their new single "Elephant Girl" and it totally packs a punch. Narrating the metamorphosis and ethereal enlightenment of a female with a disability, they bring courage and confidence, as well as comfort, to those who can relate, serving as a reminder that you are no less of a person and you are beautiful.

The band emphasizes how not all disabilities are on the surface and that this should not take away from their actuality. The song brings a level of social justice, illuminating a story that brings light to many others who connect with it. Singing, "you're not a communal body for a sacrifice," the three-piece highlights how we're not beholden to anyone or anything and we should live our lives the way we want, without dictation from anyone else. 

Lead vocalist Nathalie slams her delivery of an explosively impressive vocal range and powerful vibratos, serving electric energy throughout the singing and lyricism. The story and emotion of the track translates throughout the dynamics and passion of the vocals. With booming drums that fuse into a rocky beat with clashing cymbals, there is so much diversity in the dynamics and rhythm of the drumming. Fierce, fuzzy, funky bass lines and gritty Arctic Monkeys-esque guitar riffs that pack a punch, add another height of energy and power galloping through the track and sparking a fire of rocky intensity. Along with brassy trumpet sounds that give another texture and epic feel, and head-banging rock sounds with haunting, potent vocals, Vinok are determined to get their message heard. The band shares, “With this song we want to give a voice especially to persons with disabilities and all those who feel like the outcasts of society.”

"Elephant Girl" is a package of authenticity and empowerment, full of heat and grit, this is not a track to skip over.

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