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Brittney Carter holds her ground on "Can't Go Back"

Hailing from Chicago’s South side, Brittney Carter is a young lyricist with an honest and unwavering message. Her October 2020 release As I Am, is laid-back, forward-thinking, and unshakable at all times. On “Can’t Go Back”, Carter delivers a strong-willed flow with confidence, and makes her stance as the freshest voice in Hip-hop.

A soft-strummed acoustic guitar isn’t the traditional instrumentation for a lyrical epic, but here it flows effortlessly entwined with Carter’s solid and inspiring voice. Her bravado is big and her ideas are bigger, and her steadfast approach to self-reliance makes this an independent anthem for anyone in need. This track has a small bedroom-pop tenderness to it, while having a fast-paced power and rhythm to entrance the listener. Carter delivers line after line without hesitation, confident in her words, and that the message will ring true.

Brittney Carter is an artist represented by Chicago-based team Loop Theory. The As I Am album cover was photographer by Lauren Washington. In late 2018, she opened for Jay Rock in Chicago, and earlier this year Missy Elliot quote-tweeted a video of Carter performing. Endorsements from industry titans like these solidify her stake in the game. Her sound is similar to other jazzy/poetic Chicago rappers like Noname or Mick Jenkins, but her energy is its own, and her voice is one we need.

Connect with Brittney Carter: Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Main Stage


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[…] post Brittney Carter holds her ground on "Can't Go Back" appeared first on […]


[…] post Brittney Carter holds her ground on "Can't Go Back" appeared first on […]