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Yury issues out a "Statement"

Producer and rapper Yury is a man on a mission who likes to stay in his own lane while carving his own path in the music industry. With his totally hands-on approach from writing, producing, and recording himself, he hardly calls for assistance and does his dirt by his lonesome. His new cut, "Statement," sees him doing what he knows best, with hard-hitting dark trap soundscapes peppered in with his unique style of stream-of-consciousness lyrics. 

Yury sure seems to have a standard sound and his niche of crafting ominous and weird textures is tailor-made to his breathy vocal performance. Sometimes he raises his pitch to emphasize some words while at other times he simply just flows over the moody backdrop for the fun of it. Again, he is not trying to please the crowd and he strays away from the conventional arrangement and goes for just straight bars with no chorus.

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