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Greentea Peng gets mystical in “Spells” [Video]

Greentea Peng celebrated her birthday by premiering the music video to her previously unreleased track “Spells,” and the whimsical visuals are as captivating as her spiritually charged lyrics.

In tune with her wise demeanor, the neo-soul songstress dissects how conjuring up envious feeling towards an unassuming individual can ultimately backfire on the sender. Immersed in occult lingo and principles, “Spells” is a truly reflective piece.

Greentea Peng enlisted producers Josh Kiko and SAMO to conceptualize the distinctive sound behind the track. “Spells” offers a calypso-fused R&B melody to accompany the singer’s ethereal voice. The blend of Afro-Caribbean music and soul undoubtedly positions Greentea Peng as a unique act with an abundance of creative faculty.

While the track encompasses a tropical feel, the video is set in a rustic environment that captures Greentea Peng’s earthy aesthetic. The video illuminates Greentea Peng’s authenticity as she gracefully strolls through the mesmerizing scenery of London.

With the last few weeks of 2020 approaching, Greentea Peng reeled in the year with this release. The London-bred singer originally wrote the song while working on her 2018 debut EP Sensi. However, she says there is more music in store for next year.

Connect with Greentea Peng: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify 


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