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Motorbike James explores stunning terrain in "Enamored" music video

Today, Edmonton-based singer-songwriter Motorbike James releases the scenic music video for his latest track, “Enamored."

“Above all, the song is about witnessing the beautiful mystery and energy of the Earth and the people we surround ourselves with,” Michael Werbicki, the name behind Motorbike James, explains about his sophomore track. Since departing from Canadian rock band Royal Tusk in 2017, he now immerses himself in producing electronic and ethereal sounds that cross into the realm of otherworldly. His videos, however, serve to contemplate the world he's on.

The music video for his synth-heavy debut “me Roll” closed in on a vast snow-buried landscape. This latest for “Enamored” takes us across waters with a backdrop of a burning solar eclipse and a forefront of Motorbike James clad in Canadiana attire. A hypnotic tempo formed from soft percussion create the soundtrack for a bona fide appreciation of the Canadian landscape. 

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