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Stavroz return with 'Bleached Flamingo' EP

First arriving on the scene in 2011, Stavroz has solidified themselves as one of the most unique acts in electronic music. Known for their intricate live shows, the band quickly became a staple in the underground electronic music touring circuit, playing clubs and festivals across the world. Their distinct production features various electronic elements, incorporating sounds and instruments from different genres and regions to create a sophisticated, yet cozy sound. Though their approach to songwriting is rooted in electronic music, their expansive sound allows the music to remain approachable and accessible, broadening their listener base beyond strictly dance crowds. 

Having been over two years since Stavroz released their 2018 album Kasambila, the Belgian hybrid electronic outfit were long overdue for new music. Bleached Flamingo was certainly worth the wait. The project is a beautiful piece of work that takes the listener on a sonic journey through various energies and grooves. Diverse ethnic sounds keep the tunes fresh while carrying a mysterious aura throughout the project. Featuring more alternative/rock influence than their previous efforts, particularly on tracks “Romeo” and “Stoque”, the group seemed to really elevate their sound with this project. "Chaque Fois" is the most house-influenced track on the EP; honing in on a desert house sound that features compelling drums overlayed with a subtle bassline and mystifying french vocals, taking listeners on an immense 7-minute voyage.

The 28-minute EP is the perfect escape from the hustles and bustles of everyday life. 

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Electronic · Experimental · Indie


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