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Serena Ryder shines in her stunning forest visuals for “Kid Gloves”

Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder’s captivating single “Kid Gloves” is a feel-good triumph. The tender track details loving someone so deeply that even when you fight, you fight gently. Highlighting upbeat instrumentation of funk-fused guitars and soulful vocals, you can sense Ryder’s raw passion with each note. Now unleashing the new visuals, its warm, woodsy aesthetic creates a magical quality that is a perfect setting for this affectionate love story. Featuring indigenous artist and activist Sarain Fox, you feel the intense sparks flying between her and the video’s other female. From all the happiness radiated through grinning and dancing, it's hard not to be immediately put into a place of compassion and positivity.

Though the video exudes so much optimism and light, Ryder is an advocate for those that suffer from mental illness. A longtime health and wellness advocate, she has teamed up with a number of initiatives such as Bell Let’s Talk, WE Day and Unison Benevolen to name a few. Recently she founded The Art Of Wellness, a mindfulness program for artists and creatives.

“Kid Gloves” is off her upcoming album, The Art Of Falling Apart. Recorded in just ten days, the offering showcases an intimate side of Ryder that is truly gentle and emotive. Get swept away in the heartfelt sincerity of “Kid Gloves” now.


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