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American-Polish alt-rap artist Berry Galazka releases debut single "Men Can't Hang"

Newcomer Berry Galazka has arrived on the alt-rap scene with her debut single, "Men Can't Hang." The track is bold and rebellious in style, aimed at challenging the patriarchy and social norms as a whole. It's clear that Berry has no interest in listening to others' criticisms or following the rules that society has laid forth. Instead, she lets her confidence shine with bold, unapologetic lyrics layered over a lively, rhythmic instrumental. 

"I talk back gotta big mouth on me / I'm from the south - 904 Jax Beach / I don't want a husband, I don't want kids / I'll take a jack rabbit and a bottle of gin"

Berry has a simple message to women: be yourself, unashamedly. Regarding the track's content, she indicated, "[The song is] about how easily men’s egos are triggered by women who do better, make more, talk smarter than them and are not
afraid to call them out...I want people to be stoked when they listen to my music and not feel like they have to follow any kind of path someone else set for them..."

Raised in a Polish home and growing up in Florida, Berry has been surrounded by many different influences her entire life. Though she seeks to incorporate her Polish culture into future music, "Men Can't Hang" illustrates Berry's unique style, blending alternative, hip-hop, and pop elements into a single sound. The track serves as a lively introduction to her fearless personality, giving us a refreshing dose of truth and authenticity. 

Check out Berry's debut single above on Soundcloud or click here to stream the track on Spotify. Also, look out for more music from Berry coming early next year!

Connect with Berry Galazka: Instagram | Twitter | Tik Tok | Spotify

Alt-Pop · Alternative · Hip-Hop · Pop · Rap


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