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Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore team up with Ohmega Watts for “Har Hanz"

Producer Tall Black Guy and emcee Ozay Moore pay homage to the hip-hop culture on their new single “Har Hanz" which also features longtime collaborator Ohmega Watts. With TBG on the boards, the track hits the bullseye with the jazz-infused boom-bap production that will keep heads rocking back and forth as the emcees trade solid bars.

From the smooth flows and call and response approach of Moore and Watts, the duo sure captures the spirit of the culture that started some 40 years ago. There are more than a handful of notable references on this one too and rap connoisseurs would love the sample from cultural touchstone, Style Wars, and references to the late Latin jazz percussionist Ray Baretto aka “Hard Hands.”
The track is just a showcase of skill with free-flowing intent and while no project has been attached to this release, it's quite possible that we would hear more from Tall Black Guy and Ozay Moore in the nearest future. Moore and Watts are members of the super hip-hop group Lightheaded alongside rapper Bryan "Braille" Winchester. 
Get “Har Hanz" on all DSPs here.
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