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Rexx Life Raj shares new 'California Poppy 2' EP

Rexx Life Raj's music is healing, and his newest EP is no different. The sequel to his 2018 California Poppy EP, California Poppy 2 is eight tracks of Raj at his best. 

The EP is filled with mature, alternative R&B/rap songs that see Raj give game while sharing stories about his life. On "Tesla In A Pandemic," Raj takes what could have been a relatively shallow topic, and instead twists it into a thought-provoking rap track. He shares his win of buying a Tesla with the world, but shows how positivity and perseverance have gotten him where he is. "Meditate daily or I else get to trippin', cause rapping is easy but staying humble isn't," is just one of the many gems he drops on "Tesla In A Pandemic." 

Another highlight from California Poppy 2 is "Aura," which features British rapper Kojey Radical. It's a more entrancing, catchy song from the Berkeley native, where he and Kojey talk about getting lost in a love's aura. Fittingly, it's easy to get lost in the song and reflect on a personal relationship. 

California Poppy 2, which also sees a feature from rap legend Juvenile, is another strong showing for the talented artist. 

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