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Blue Hour and A-JX join forces once again on 'Air Lock' EP

Blue Hour and A-JX have come together as Tracing Xircles to release a new EP via Blue Hour Music. Following their 2017 debut, Gaia’s Requiem, Air Lock has a strong focus on early UK dance music — the product being four cuts of UK and Detroit influenced techno, ambient techno and electronica.

“Air Lock” opens up the EP with a deep, dubby journey through a futuristic soundscape. Choppy, distorted vocals are peppered over the chugging bassline, complimented with an acidic tinge. The perfect soundtrack to those end-of-the-night, things-are-getting-weird moments on the dancefloor, “Air Lock” sets the mood for the remainder of the EP. “Transmission” sits at the opposite end of the spectrum; rather than the dub flavours heard in “Air Lock,” the listener is presented with a track that’s light and mystical. Ethereal synths and euphoric breaks work as the ultimate pairing. It’s brimming with energy that has been harnessed to create a simply blissful track.

On the flip side, things become less danceable, and more geared towards at-home listening sessions. “Pressure Release” bubbles along slowly, with understated melodies and a gentle bassline creating a serene soundscape to enjoy from the comforts of your own home. Bringing things to a close, “Inner Path” finds a harmonious middle ground between the club and home. Liquid breaks, warped vocals and elegant synths make “Inner Path” subtly euphoric. Providing the perfect soundtrack for winding things down, it wraps the EP up in fine style. Consisting of four timeless pieces, Air Lock is the sort of music that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Air Lock can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Tracing Xircles: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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