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Hojean releases creative "Pick Up Your Phone" music video

Hojean is three for three in 2020, with his latest release "Pick Up Your Phone" coming in September. The rising acoustic R&B artist just released a music video for the song and to call it creative would be an understatement. 

The track itself is a nostalgic R&B cut that is equal parts catchy and groovy, with Hojean carrying higher notes and showing off clever songwriting. He produced and wrote the entire track, but he also directed and edited its new music video. Hojean is a jack of all trades, but is in the process of mastering the music. The visuals for "Pick Up Your Phone" begin with Hojean throwing pebbles at a girl's window, trying to get her to pay attention to him so he can get her number. Before he has any success in getting her number, the scene cuts to the singer and his friends dancing around to the track. It's a lighthearted and still well-done music video that will undoubtedly put a smile on anyone's face. Hojean allows his hilarious personality to shine through his music and visuals in such an authentic way that it's nearly impossible to watch and not immediately become a fan. 

Does Hojean get the girl's number? Watch the "Pick Up Your Phone" video to find out. 

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