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María Isabel releases her mesmerizing debut EP 'Stuck in the Sky'

NYC-raised R&B artist María Isabel's debut EP Stuck in the Sky is a breathtaking five-track EP that heals and gives comfort to anyone craving or missing love. 

Opening up her EP with "The 1," through first narrative songwriting, we are introduced to a fairy tale love and feel at peace knowing that it exists. Her gentle croons help further exude an emotional intensity as she sings along the light production.  "Light Your Way Home (Interlude)" showcases Isabel's poetic songwriting, with lyrics such as "I would've set myself on fire to help light your way home." Her raw emotions are expressed elegantly in the spoken word style delivery.

Closing off the EP with "A Game I Lose," we find ourselves once again getting lost in a perfect lullaby. Isabel's delivery is undeniably sophisticated for such a relatively young artist on the R&B scene. The dream-like production in the background only further give off a calming environment to lay our heads down and meditate. Singing metaphorical tunes that balance between both English and Spanish, she ignites our imagination and expands our horizon. Uttering poetic lyrics, especially in the catchy chorus, "he came to my garden, that's where it started," her gifted pen comes out to play once again, writing substance-filled lyrics that make us fall in love.

Overall, María Isabel's fragile yet strong vocals combined with her magical songwriting skills that can mend any broken heart undoubtedly make this EP memorable. Press play and hear how she stands out as she sings in a bewitching tone that quickly captivates us all. 

Connect with María Isabel: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
R&B · Soul


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