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JJ Adrian shows immense potential on fourth single "As Soon As I Can"

R&B singer JJ Adrian has a voice that's difficult to forget. This week, the Vancouver native released a new single titled "As Soon As I Can."

JJ Adrian initially caught a buzz with his previous single "Butter," which showed off his bright vocals and clever, catchy songwriting. His latest track, "As Soon As I Can," is less structured but further proves that the rising talent has no issue crafting a feeling through song. On the track's nearly four minutes, he slowly sings a tale about uncertainties in a long distance relationship. The gradual nature of the song allows for moments of significance as he sings "I'm coming to you / as soon as I can." These lyrics being drawn out is no mistake, as it creates a powerful, emotional feeling. It's this feeling and Adrian's soothing voice that make "As Soon As I Can" memorable. 

It's easy to compare Adrian to a brighter, higher-pitched Giveon, but the new artist isn't replicating anything anyone has done. He's making strong songs by playing to his strengths and will undoubtedly be an exciting artist to watch moving forward. 

Connect with JJ Adrian: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | jjadrian.com 

R&B · Soul


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