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Arran Sym gives us '1000 Micrograms of Love'

Artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Arran Sym drops his fascinating new EP titled 1000 Micrograms of Love.  Through a masterful blend of different guitar sounds and an eclectic variety of beat production, Sym creates an ethereal experience that's both atmospheric and mesmerizing. 
Recently, Sym has released a string of singles recently that move the soul in the most beautiful way possible.  "Kaerimasu," and "Fireworks" effortlessly reel you in through soft yet energetic beats. And 1000 Micrograms of Love is no different. 
Sym opens this latest EP with a powerfully chilling track "Dosed."  Here, we hear a blend of both light and dark sounds, taking us through the journey of love. He brilliantly uses music to personify love through metaphors, but instead of using words to do this, he uses ethereal beats that intertwine lofi pop and hip-hop sounds. Though there are minimal lyrics, the few poetic words such as "I followed the feeling and it pushed me through...cause you dosed me, oh you dosed me with a thousand micrograms of love" leave a lasting impression that is evocative and thought-provoking simultaneously. 
Sym chooses a gentle, soothing track to close the EP with—"Someone." Through deeply personal songwriting, he recites a prayer in the form of a song as he sings, "Falling in love with someone like you. I pray to God you do. I pray we can find it on our own." Coupled with these hopeful words, his voice magically blends in with the tender plucks of an electric guitar riff over a steady echoing beat. 
Press play and listen to the different ways of how Arran Sym gives us 1000 micrograms of love.
Connect with Arran Sym: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Website 
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