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Dragonfruit teases debut album with luscious single "Apples"

Dragonfruit has returned with a sultry new single as well as news of a debut album that is slated for release in 2021. The Rotterdam quartet’s latest track “Apples,” which is out now on the Amsterdam label Super-Sonic Jazz Records, is another strong entry into their growing catalogue, buoyed by the group’s outstanding musicianship, crisp production work, and another commanding performance from vocalist Danique van der Vlugt.

“Apples” takes listeners on a ride with a percussive groove and subtle reference to the story of Adam and Eve. With her powerful and effortlessly soulful delivery, van der Vlugt’s melodies dance through the mix as she sings about leaning into feelings of temptation, as they are fundamental to the human experience. Her seductive disposition is particularly prevalent in the hooks where she writes variations on the line, “I can make you feel like you belong / yeah you can eat my apples if you want.” The arrangement is held together by a catchy repeating keyboard line that, when combined with the pulsing percussion, gives the track an upbeat bounce. Dragonfruit’s impeccable delivery and characteristically clever writing and arranging make “Apples” another impressive single for the group that will get listeners excited for their upcoming debut LP.

"Apples" is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Dragonfruit: Instagram | Bandcamp | Facebook | Spotify

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