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Baby Queen delivers unrestrained alt-pop on “Want Me” [Video]

Bella Latham aka Baby Queen is undoubtedly the freshest newcomer of 2020. The South Africa-born, London-based “anti-pop” artist has served up her delicious new single “Want Me.” The track is a billowing indie-pop anthem fastened with self-aware, confessional songwriting that’s infectiously catchy. “Want Me” is taken off her debut EP Medicine out November 13th via Polydor Records.

The 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist makes music with no filter. Her songs are shot through a canon, landing somewhere between the layered landscapes of alt-pop, indie, and alt-rock. The fifth and final single of her forthcoming Medicine EP is an exploration of the torment and physical wear and tear as it relates to unrequited love. She offers themes of self-examination and self-reproach while these displays of vulnerability are driven by unflinching, intoxicating sonic outbursts resulting in the some of the finest sounds the year has had to offer.

“This song is about a childlike crush and an unrequited love,’ shares Baby Queen over email. “It’s also about my insecurities that seem to be exacerbated by those feelings. This song feels very adolescent to me, and it feels more like a conversation with myself. I love that the lyrics come across as a stream of consciousness. It’s a bit of a sonic tantrum really, especially towards the end when it starts to explode, I think it’s probably the closest thing we’ll get to a Baby Queen love song anytime soon.”

“Want Me” follows her 2020 singles “Pretty Girl,” “Medicine,” “Buzzkill,” and “Internet Religion.” Medicine EP is out next Friday, November 13th. 

Connect with Baby Queen: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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