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Wallace Tallman seeks to uncover benevolence within turmoil with “The Madness” visuals

Indie-folk songwriter Wallace Tallman understands how crucial it is for all of us to remain compassionate human beings despite our current climate of hate. With the results of one of the most important presidential election in U.S. history about to be revealed, his new single "The Madness" could not be timelier.

"The Madness" was written right after the inauguration and details the incompetent administration that rules over this nation. With all the division and animosity fueled by our current leader, he powerfully sings, “If this is human nature. I don’t want to be human.” Tallman’s political anthem is a profound plea for us to love one another and remain hopeful even when all hope seems lost. Many of us feel let down by our commander and chief and the sorrowful song lets others know that they are not alone in their pain.

The visuals begin with Tallman turning on the news only to discover trump is running for president and then that he has won the presidential race. As the video continues we witness his mental health decline as he deals with a world in complete chaos. Its end is optimistic though, as he spreads a positive message of kindness.

The Chicago native’s aim is to give back to the world with his contemplative releases. Focusing on the messages of deep sadness, but also immense joy, his music showcases a wide range of emotion. Working with prominent names like Woody Goss (Vulfpeck) and Harrison Whitford (guitarist for Phoebe Bridgers), it is through his success that he can use his platform for good. Tallman states in his press release, “Art needs to be a service for that change. Let's be the ones who actually make that change."

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