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Lani Renaldo explores life in your 20s on "NOHEARTBREAK2020" EP

Indie pop singer, songwriter and producer Lani Renaldo creates infectious tracks all about coming of age. Her sophomore EP entitled NOHEARTBREAK2020 has both depth and sensitivity, discussing topics such as women's sexuality, embracing the mistakes made in one's 20s, and finding self worth.

Lani Renaldo grew up in the City of Angels, performing and singing at a young age. As a multi-instrumentalist, she attended the prestigious Thornton School of Music at USC and quickly learned how to produce. Her notoriety spread and the singer performed with the likes of Alessia Cara and Halsey. Throwing herself into her own music, Renaldo quit her day job and the result is her latest poignant four-track EP NOHEARTBREAK2020.

The EP begins with the indie pop banger "Love Games". The track features moody synths, hard driving electro beats and R&B dipped vocals. "Love Games" is a departure from Renalo's previous work, with the single being more upbeat and tongue in cheek in delivery. Then there is "Trainwreck", which is perhaps the strongest track on the EP. "Trainwreck" is about expectations we put on ourselves and how unhealthy striving for success at all costs can be. The laid back garage rock tune is infused with catchy melodies and jangly Fender guitars. "Woman" encapsulates what so many of us in our 20s feel, that gut-wrenching feeling of not fitting into society's norm both physically and emotionally. The three minute track is a piano ballad seeping with emotion and heartache.

Overall Lani Renaldo has made us all feel something deeply with NOHEARTBREAK2020. Living in our 20s is full of trials and tribulations but also joy and acceptance and Renaldo showed us all how to embrace just that.

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