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Kat Hamilton shares vulnerable album "Recovery Songs"

Singer-songwriter Kat Hamilton has moved around a lot in her life. A Bay Area native, she has lived in many different areas such as New York, Philadelphia, Boston, London, San Francisco and now Los Angeles, leaving her stamp in each unique city. It is from her encounters in each place that she has gained so much knowledge. Those rich life experiences, along with her experiences recovering from intense addiction and trauma, have seeped into her emotional nine-track album Recovery Songs.

Kicking things off with “Medicine Line” this soothing song pulls at your heartstrings and is a poignant anthem for anyone who has been through recovery and knows just how challenging that process can be. “Laughing at dinner, with my sisters. I can almost forget we are just these broken chards.” It is relatable lines like these that really bring the listener into her world as she tries her best to cope with her pain. Showcasing gentle acoustic guitars and her powerful vocal tone you feel every raw emotion come through in this stunning track.

“Empty Room” hits hard with its steady bassline, jangly guitars and fiery vocals. This dark, moody track takes you on an intense journey through feelings of self-consciousness and deep introspective thought. Hamilton ponders her social interactions as she struggles to make conversation. Passionately singing in the chorus, “If I didn’t have to listen to myself speak then I wouldn’t,” you feel her growing doubt as she questions her own sense of self.

She ends her heart-wrenching album with another touching and tender track “Plastic Folding Chairs”. This emotive offering details the all too familiar group therapy session as everyone sits in a circle in plastic chairs. From mentions of stale cookies to introducing yourself to the room, you are instantly transported to that setting and can vividly picture the encounters in your head.

Kat Hamilton is known for creating a distinct fusion of rock, pop, Americana and emo, forming a completely new genre all her own. Recovery Songs is an album of true strength and unabashed honesty. She narrates her personal hardships eloquently and with so much grace, that listeners can not help but be greatly moved.

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