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Salin and Sarah MK are "In Tune With The Moon"

Thai-born drummer, producer/ artist, Salin Cheewapansri, aka Salin, shares her latest release, "In Tune with The Moon." A heavy funky joint that fuses retro and contemporary elements, Salin's latest single is inspired by musical legends such as Prince, and Funkadelic amongst others. Salin cooks up a vibrant mix rife with g-funk, disco, and R&B and taps Montreal singer Sarah MK for the vocal assist.

The record pays homage to womanhood and talks about their resilience and power in this patriarchal world. Sarah MK is more than comfortable here and effortlessly glides over the energetic funk bass-driven backdrop with her heroic vocals. Lines like "Test the waters every day, understand your place/Gods will let you know if you got the pace" touches on taking the proverbial bull by the horn. "In Tune with The Moon" initially started out as an instrumental with just the hook but upon further deliberation, Salin decided to bring in Sarah MK to cement the theme of the song with her soulful melodic runs.

Salin is currently working on her first full-length album called Cosmic Island, which will be released in 2021. Get "In Tune with The Moon" on Soundcloud.


Connect with  Salin: Soundcloud | Spotify  | Instagram

Connect with Sarah MK: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Website

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