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Lee Paradise drop's chaotic vibe "Boogie"

Cyborg funk creative Daniel Lee, who is as of late operating under the moniker Lee Paradise, has just released yet another infectious genre-bending single entitled "Boogie." The track is a frenzy of dynamic layers that all come together to craft a daunting electronic dystopia.  This cerebral jam comes ahead of Lee's newest album The Fink slated for release in December and comes six years after his last effort Water Palace Kingdom. "Boogie" is a raging success for Daniel Lee, who has been providing excellent alternative indie bangers since taking breaks from side projects Hooded Fang and Phédre. The newest single shows an artistic maverick excelling on both vocal and production performances with emphatic ease. The result is a fitting soundtrack to a hectic year that still manages to deliver a reason to dance.

"Boogie" kicks off with a jumping drum beat with frantic hi-hats reminiscent of a violent muscle spasm. This is quickly matched with dark pulsing synth hits and some high pitched howls in the background to set a fitting October atmosphere. The stark scene is reminiscent of a wild highway chase, with zooming voices and a growing urgency. Lee Paradise's voice narrates the soundscape like a mad scientist revealing his creation to the world, calmly flowing along with an eerie cadence. He similarly allows all of the bells and whistles of the track to have their moments of shine, as every wild note is critical to the larger picture and Lee only utters his words when the time is right. The three minutes of cacophony are over quickly but not soon forgotten.

Daniel Lee's latest is as bold and exciting as ever, as the sonic daredevil proves yet again how many crazy ideas he can cohesively craft into a song. The sheer energy that he delivers is hard to keep up with, but that's all a part of the fun.

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