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Charismatic duo KTJ & CARLY drop new candid EP 'Identity'

KTJ & CARLY are artists on a mission with the aim of creating a distinct assertive, synth-pop sound. This confident duo has always possessed a strong dedication and drive for their craft and even with a global pandemic, they are showing no signs of stopping. They continue to release live music, performing for the virtual Pridefest this year, and in their own late-night livestream series, "Late Night Live." Now the duo unleashes their new highly awaited EP Identity with a fearless and fierceness that rings throughout.

Beginning with “Sell Your Soul”, the hard-hitting intro sets the tone of the EP with a boisterous bass, glittering synths, and passionate vocals. Singing each lyric with powerful conviction, each line attacks the empty façades portrayed on social media and our society's thirst for fake perfection.

“Let Me In” showcases lush, shimmering synths and ascending vocals intertwined with unique layering. The radiant track narrates losing your true self while being surrounded by fake people. The lyrical message resonates with listeners as most of us have been in a situation where we feel a need to put up a front.

Concluding the offering with “Distractions”, this soaring song explores the idea of getting so caught up in distractions that we lose our sense of reality. With striking synths, pulsating melodies, and highly emotive vocals, it is a strong end to an already robust, driving EP.

Identity examines the profound discovery of your most authentic self and how it can get clouded by outside pressures and influences. Within this effervescent EP, they shine light on the experiences through multi-layered production, irresistible melodies, and dynamic vocals. 

Connect with KTJ & CARLY: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Album · Synth Pop


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