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LE JUNK shares the ferocious new single "Level 3" [Video]

London multi-instrumentalist LE JUNK  shares the visuals for the in-ya-face single "Level 3". Brimming with infectious guitar riffs and fuzzy bass lines this single is an absolute riot.

Drenched in ferocious guitar riffs and featuring reverb-laden vocals, Le Junk's unique artistry is exquisitely polished. Tinged with pop traits, the single pushes the usual typical pop boundaries with it's guitar-soaked melodies to produce a single that feels excitingly refreshing. With ragged and rough bass underscoring the track with a sharp dose of attitude, "Level 3" holds itself as a contender for a heavyweight rock-infused champion.

Despite its graphic and sinister visuals, the single is about people always wanting to achieve more without appreciating how far they've come so far. Le Junk further explains: "It’s about all the false ideals we often become obsessed with along the way that ultimately have a negative impact on us. The video is a physical representation of this idea (a world of bare-knuckle fighting to the death for money), whereas the song lyrics depict the more common scenario of moving too fast in a relationship it eventually leads to break-up. Our fixation on solely always trying to reach the next level in our lives often makes us lose sight of what is genuine and why we do what we do in the first place."

"Level 3" engrains itself into your head and has you humming it's bass-heavy melodies for days. It's an ear-worm that never tires. Le Junk's musicality is as infectious as ever and this single is a tough one to beat. The single is out now via Naked Superstar Recordings.

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