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Adrian Stresow and Justin Stone stay true to themselves in "Always Me"

Dallas artist Adrian Stresow and Columbus artist Justin Stone collaborate together to create a riveting new track, "Always Me." 

This isn't the first time that these two artists have joined forces to make magic in the studio. They previously united on singles "G.O.A.T.," "Games," and "Validation." Impressively switching their styles from hip-hop to pop, this song has something distinctive to offer from their other collaborations. In "Always Me," we notice Adrian Stresow and Justin Stone experiment with a simple melody and a memorable hook to convey their feelings in a way that  many can relate to. 
The cover art perfectly describes the energy throughout this song, showing a smiley face deflated balloon on the concrete ground. Intelligently mirroring the track, the cover art is metaphorical in that through passionate songwriting, they both show raw emotion and through intense songwriting, we see how the illusion of happiness has now disappeared. Both of these artists' voices blend perfectly together. Combined with the fun and snappy sounds on the production, this track is undeniably catchy and memorable. Press play and this captivating song will have you repeating "it's always me."
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