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Evenson emits a jazzy disco sound with his new single “How Can I Sleep”

With all the racial inequalities being pushed to the forefront and powerful protests as a result, more than ever there is a thirst for knowledge. Indie pop artist Evenson wrote his latest single “How Can I Sleep” with that same longing for a way to find answers to an inherently flawed justice system. Highlighting funk-infused arrangements and slick vocals the track possesses all the intensity of The Weekend and energetic groove of Bruno Mars. Evenson reveals, “As black men for so long we've grown accustomed to the pain and the suffering, so sometimes the best way to survive is learning to be okay that things take time to get better.  I had trouble processing thoughts for days on end and that was the first time ever in my life where I actually felt sensory overload (I think).” This upbeat, danceable tune is inspired by 'He's the Greatest Dancer' by Sister Sledge.

The 21-year-old fearless talent embraces his individuality and loves creating music that is unexpected and outside the box. His offerings exude all the same charisma and infectious flair as his musical icons Michael Jackson and Madonna. Get down to the funky, smooth stylings of “How Can I Sleep” now.


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