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Ally Nicholas channels painful emotions on debut single "Feels Like Dying" [Video]

Pop singer Ally Nicholas just released her first single, and to say that it shows potential might be an understatement. "Feels Like Dying" is a uniquely polished song that draws emotion in ways that veteran singers often do. 

Newly based in Los Angeles, the Chicago artist grew up listening to acts like Slipknot, Korn, and My Chemical Romance, and always felt like her innate darkness stood out amongst her high school peers. Now, she is using this same uniqueness to stand out with her music. 

The downtempo track is intentionally vivid, with the singer giving weight to every word through a slow delivery. On the chorus, Nicholas sings, "I wish I was next to you / hold me while I turn blue cause / I feel like dying tonight / with you." It's intentionally dark, and brings to life the painful emotions that come with heartbreak in such a way that there manages to be a beauty in the sadness. Nicholas's vocals are drawn out just enough to make the melodies as infectious as the feeling she conveys is. The video fits perfectly alongside the track, bringing to life some of the special moments in "Feels Like Dying." It's a particularly strong showing for a new artist, making her an exciting act to pay attention to moving forward. 

Connect with Ally Nicholas: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | allynicholas.com 



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