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Spooky Mansion can't let go on "Baby's New Man"

California indie outfit Spooky Mansion have just come through with a brand new single "Baby's New Man," a bittersweet jam that carries a lost tinge of summer heartbreak. The track comes along with a slew of singles that the band has released this year in anticipation of The Curse, their sophomore LP due early 2021. The recent efforts from Spooky Mansion have been bright and poignant, with excellently rich instrumentation and vocal work. The latest in "Baby's New Man" is no different, as the breezy instrumental helps balance the brutally honest breakup lyrics.

"Baby's New Man," as the title might indicate, details the pain of seeing your ex with someone else and dealing with the hard truth that they're really gone for good. It's difficult to interpret this dread through the uplifting instrumental, but Grayson Converse's lyrics and crooning vocal performance here are potent nonetheless. Sonically, Spooky Mansion delivers plenty of complex layers, including some slick acoustic and electronic riffing, a groovy bassline, and even a charming marimba voice. It all comes together to render what feels like a summer daydream, giving listeners a fleeting flair of past bliss to cling to. Despite the initial juxtaposition in the dreary lyrics and laid back music, the two counterparts actually inform each other quite well, as the soundscape relieves the tension in the lyrics. As the light beat fades out, there's a warm feeling of closure given to Grayson's wails of yearning, and the knot begins to unwind. Such honesty and vulnerability provides a nice twist for Spooky Mansion, who should explore this level of depth more in the future. 

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