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Sharon Van Etten joins Local Natives on their new collaboration, "Lemon"

When Local Natives released Violet Street, their fourth LP, in 2019, it signified the beginning of a movement. Not a political or idealogical movement, mind you, but a personal one. The L.A band has always been careful to maintain their unique southern California indie sound, never quite taking a full step outside the box they've built for themselves. But on Violet Street, the box simply disappeared. Lush, contemporary compositions leapt off the pages, with more introspective and forgiving songwriting taking charge at the helm. This new space was happily occupied, and continues to be, as they release their newest collaboration with Sharon Van Etten, "Lemon." 

Dropped as the second single off their new EP, scheduled for release on October 23, it walks on the tightrope connecting their past sound with their present penchant for willful exploration. The intimate picks of the guitar strings allude to their Hummingbird days, while the beleaguered lyrics try to offer comfort in the time of isolation—"Always somewhere between leaving and arrived / I just want to be here at the same time." Ayers' vocals prey on the feeling many of us shared as the initial lockdowns first began, while Van Etten's drawling voice connects with a deeper knowledge, that of calm acceptance. But together, they meld to offer one of the most precious gifts of all: hope. 

To celebrate their new EP, Sour Lemon's release, Local Natives will play their first show in seven months from Lodge Room in Highland Park, Los Angeles for a special live stream concert on October 21st at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. The EP will stream in its entirety for the first time before the concert commences. Tickets for the show are available here.

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