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Maryze shares the moody dark-pop single "Squelettes"

Spooky szn queen Maryze joins forces with Backxwash on the bilingual single "Squelettes". Dripping in golden sonics, the track tells the tale of how easily addiction can be all consuming. 

Interweaving her typical sultry pop sounds with R&B infused dramatics, Maryze showcases her incredible artistry with the ethereal elements which run throughout. Wrapped in brooding, dark traits, the track is composed entirely by queer artists in Montreal. Paving the way for queer artists in alt-pop, Maryze's releases continue to bring something new to the table and this is a track that meets all our Halloween-y needs.

"I think 'Squelettes' is an important turning point in my music. I've been exploring heavier and more experimental corners of pop in my writing during the pandemic. There's always been a dark edge to my music, but I used to limit myself to a certain safe zone. 2020 has completely erased that. Now I just want to release what I feel inspired by, regardless of genre or it "making sense." My upcoming album is going to be all over the map, and I'm excited about that."

"Squelettes" is out via Hot Tramp Records.

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