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David Dann releases a dynamic new electronic track "You & Me" feat. NICOLAS

Los Angeles-based producer David Dann has released his first new music in seven years with his new single "You & Me’ feat. NICOLAS. Following back to back Grammy-nominated projects under Zhu for ‘Faded’ and Gallant for the album ‘Ology’, the legendary music curator and founder of Mind of a Genius Records is in prime form in this latest release. The self-produced track is a delicate balance of atmospheric melodies and evocative vocals to create a truly dynamic and cinematic listening experience. 

With a 15-year career in music, Dann's skillful mastery and attention to detail shine bright in "You & Me." Simultaneously dark and uplifting, the thumping bass and crisp drums are beautifully constructed to create a multi-dimensional track. An intricate weave of various mid-tempo electronic melodies helps create a multi-layered sound and brings an ever-expansive depth to the music. The catchy chorus alongside the steady kick help create an intoxicating dance environment. The mystifying synths and smooth vocals maintain a warm level of intimacy that keeps the track from venturing too far into an introspective experimental realm. Yet, the complex juxstaposition between the bright sounds and deep dark undertones makes this track an easy listen to lose yourself to. Dancing between so many different production techniques and styles, it's exciting to have David Dann releasing new work again, and we can't wait to see what's next! 

Connect with David Dann: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud  



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