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Lee Paradise goes on psychedelic odyssey "Maintaining Platitudes"

Cross-genre musical prodigy Daniel Lee, AKA Lee Paradise has just unveiled an infectious new single entitled "Maintaining Platitudes." This latest effort comes after the lush and enchanting "Message to the Past" released last month, while both singles anticipate Lee's sophomore album The Fink due on December 4. 2020 marks the first new year of Lee Paradise tunes since 2014's debut Water Palace Kingdom. The multi-instrumentalist artist took that six-year break to work with his other musical projects Hooded Fang and Phedre, and has returned to the Lee Paradise moniker to deliver some more material. "Maintaining Platitudes" leans more into the psychedelic rock facet of Lee Paradise's repertoire, showcasing some heady lyrics and excellent instrumental and vocal performances. This lane is a fascinating one for Lee, as his complex soundscapes render a dynamic fever dream.

"Maintaining Platitudes" is a cerebral jam, maintaining a beautifully creative urgency through the mysterious lyrics and manic instrumental. The composition is chaotic and calculated; it features howling guitars, a groovy bassline, and an incredibly catchy synth riff. Lee Paradise's voice softly echoes over the chugging bass and developing layers, carrying an eerie presence reminiscent of a horror movie narrator. His vocal performance is truly impressive as it manages to captivate even in its reserved, airy nature. The result is incredibly immersive and atmospheric, rendering an alarmingly cinematic listening experience. It can often feel like Lee is speaking directly to the individual listener, both through his words and through his wild production.

Lee Paradise makes music that sounds like it couldn't be made by anyone else, true lightning in a bottle. His scenes carry a special aura and importance that is missing in traditional indie rock.  More importantly, Lee's ability to develop his own unique sound outside of his two other bands showcases a profound versatility. The blatant disregard for conformity and compromise is both inspiring and wildly enjoyable.

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