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Julietta wants to get away in “Ghosted for the Beach”

In 2018, Julietta’s debut album Smooth Sailing introduced her chill pop sound.  And in her recent singles, she’s broadened her sound with nostalgic pop and rock elements, helping her convey her lyrics even more. Today, the LA-via-NYC artist declares her love for the coasts in her third single, “Ghosted for the Beach.” It's a cinematically ambient track about the driving urge to get up and get out to somewhere – anywhere

Starting out with heavy organ synths, Julietta comes in with her celestial and patterned vocals. With the echoes, the chorus almost sounds like a mantra, inciting listeners as she sings, "all your life you have always waited for it, all your life you can't find a reason for it." While, there’s heavy 80s bass, there’s also some 70s disco beats. Combined with the organ synths, it makes for a lush, cathartic ambience most might experience at the beach.  

The track comes from her forthcoming sophomore EP Levitate. Connect with Julietta to receive updates and other news before the EP drops on February 5th, 2021.

Connect with Julietta: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook

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