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Pearl Gates & Syll weave a "Crazy Half" tale of love and hip-hop [Video]

Pearl Gates and Syll recently put out their collaborative project Play This 2, an 11-track body of work that focuses on the duo's personal experiences ranging from love, self-growth, identity, and much more.  Their new endeavor is the visual for the track "Crazy Half"  which actually lies towards the end of the LP and wasn't an official single.

The track produced by Sirplus has a nostalgic feel with its lush keys that sound like a riff off a Christmas song. The sparse drum arrangement sure lay a nice foundation for the rappers to paint their personal pictures on. They reflect on falling in love with hip-hop and being in love with someone while drawing comparisons between the two.  From the vivid description of puppy love "Could not front, could not pretend, love at first sight, could not stop the grin" to tripping on music-making with lines like "music got me kicking when I rush quick/ got me looking like the glove fit, only OJay on the run tip/ more like Bo J switch it up flip."

The visual is directed by Damijin' Myndz! who makes use of a relatable storyline that everyone can easily follow. From the slow progression of the protagonist's growth, meeting and falling in love with the girl of his dreams to crafting musical pieces in the lab. The exclusion of both Pearl Gates and Syll is deliberate and sure makes it visually compelling without being forced or cliché.

Get the entire project on all digital platforms here.

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