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Don't miss out on Sipprell's captivating talents on "Bad History"

With this pandemic causing many of us to be stuck at home, music lovers have likely been spending a good portion of the past months scouring the internet and beyond for fresh and worthy soundtracks to our various quarantine life activities. Enthusiasts who pine for silky smooth vocals and grooving production should seriously consider adding Sipprell to their rotation. The London singer-songwriter and producer continues to make her presence felt in the music world with her recently released EP Bad History.

Sipprell’s characteristically sultry vocal style is on full display throughout the six tracks, with subtly delectable instrumental performances that add new dimensions to the project. These elements are evident from the EP’s opening moments on the title track that leads off the set. Despite the minimal production in the early going, the song doesn’t lack any style, with a syncopated guitar line that oozes funk and Sipprell’s light vocal delivery that delivers emotion and dexterity throughout.

Other standout moments of the set include the upbeat vibes and sophisticated melodies on “Places,” thumping beats and dreamy soundscapes on “Nu Low,” and cleverly complex arranging on “Like We Don’t Care.” Through it all, though, Sipprell’s vocal delivery commands our attention with her soulful style, stellar musicianship, and emotive lyrics. Bad History offers up another powerful reason why Sipprell should be on more listeners’ radars.

Bad History is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Sipprell: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube

Feature · R&B · U.K.


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