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Cheer Up Club champions a cause for “In The Morning”

The Pandemic has been hard on us all, but some of the hardest hit are those that had very little to start. Cheer Up Club recognizes just how difficult it is for the growing homeless population in Los Angeles, so they are donating full proceeds from their latest single to the Women’s Crisis and Bridge Housing program at The Midnight Mission.

As the release is helping to fight for a worthy cause, “In The Morning” details a different kind of fight. The song narrates an evening dispute between a couple and how it is best to, as the chorus states, “just talk it over in the morning”. Within the offering though, there is also an understanding that there are some things that can’t be fixed from one talk. Examples include the pandemic, domestic abuse and structural racism. With jaunty guitars and energetic drums juxtaposed with moody vocals, listeners instantly get that feeling of being fed up with conflict.

The indie-rock outfit crafts frank yet spirited music that expresses the sweet, but also the glum side of life. Touching on themes such as mental health, addiction and sexuality, Cheer Up Club’s music delivers a fresh take on hard-hitting topics. When the band takes to the stage, they amaze audiences with their vigorous momentum and colorful antics like the occasional cross-dressing. It is no surprise the group is called Cheer Up Club as they always know how to have a good time.

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