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Cut Copy drop "Like Breaking Glass" remix by famed Jacques Lu Cont

Australian synth-pop sensation Cut Copy, join forces with renowned English electro artist and DJ Jacques Lu Cont for their remix of “Like Breaking Glass”. Having collaborated with some major players such as Dia Lupa and Madonna, the DJ is a master of his craft and breaths new life and intensity into the single. This reimagined release shines with playful pop sensibilities and keeps the same elevated vibrancy of the original. The initial track emits an electro 80s feel while the remix, though also highlighting a synth-driven sound, displays a more contemporary indie style. Frontman of Cut Copy Dan Whitford reveals, "Receiving a remix from Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont) is something that I probably never thought would happen. In the last fifteen years, his career has taken him outside of our world and into the realm of pop super producers working with multi-million selling artists. But early in his career, his music under the moniker Les Rythmes Digitales, Zoot Woman, and Paper Faces he was a real inspiration.”

Whitford established the project recording in his bedroom and eventually it progressed into the full band adding guitarist Tim Hoey, drummer Mitchell Scott, and bass player Ben Browning. Recently the group has released their electrifying album Freeze Melt and the colorful offering features the original version of “ Like Breaking Glass”. Though always evolving and experimenting sonically, Cut Copy still maintains elements of the distinct wistful indie sound fans have come to know and love. Take a listen to the warm remix “Like Breaking Glass” now.

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