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Tash Sultana spreads love on new track "Beyond the Pine" [Video]

Tash Sultana is back with some much-needed warm and fuzzy vibes. In preparation for the forthcoming album TERRA FIRMA, the Melbourne producer and multi-instrumentalist has offered up the latest preview with the dreamy single “Beyond The Pine.” Co-written with Matt Corby and Dann Hume, Tash delivers all of the track’s instrumentals with effortless dexterity with heartfelt lyrics about connections with nature and a special someone.

It’s easy to feel like love songs have been played out with their near ubiquitous presence across the stylistic spectrum, but there is still something special when a new one hits in a different way, which is certainly the case with “Beyond the Pine.” Tash’s performances on the various instruments are understated and almost simplistic, leaving room for the raw energy and emotion in the vocals to pulsate through the mix. A bumping drum beat and lush keyboard harmonies provide the foundation for poignant melodies that will melt even the coldest hearts. With Tash’s delivery of the opening lyrics, “When I think about it / our love’s rouge / my love comes seeping through,” we are immediately taken to a beautiful, loving place and as the song progresses, we drift further off into a heartwarming dreamland. With their sophomore album still on the way, Tash Sultana shows on “Beyond the Pine” that they can provide some musical goodness that we didn’t know we needed.

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